By Yvonne Vannoort, The Dentist

As a dentist and a mother, this topic is dear to my heart. Tooth decay not only causes discomfort to each child with teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods and who has difficulty eating, but also causes the body stress from infections and abscesses.

I see parents who are very upset when this happens especially when they do their best to ensure their children’s teeth are healthy. They also feel guilty and that it’s their fault!

We all know that cleaning and diet has an influence on tooth decay. But what can be done when the cleaning regime is good and care is being taken to avoid sweet foods and drinks yet decay is still occurring?

Here are some other things that can be done to support the body:

  • Be aware that the body needs minerals. When minerals are low in foods consumed (e.g. processed foods or foods that don’t absorb well in the digestive system), then decay will follow. The condition of teeth is often a sign that the body is out of balance; they are a good indicator that the body is missing something.
  • Use foods that are easily digested and that support the good flora of bacteria in the digestive system. These include fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha.
  • Eat at least one nutrient-dense meal a day e.g. bone broths are easy to make and supply minerals.
  • Eat good quality fats.
  • Ensure grains, nuts and seeds are soaked to remove the phyticacids. (Google to learn more about this.)
  • Food sensitivities can alter the absorption of foods. Be aware of this and seek help from a health practitioner to identify these sensitivities.
  • Ensure Vitamin D and K2 levels are suffcient.
  • Ensure children are exposed to sunshine (in moderation), and are exercising, sleeping well and are loved!

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