Sedation a big help!

By Yvonne Vannoort, The Dentist

If you classify yourself as a scaredy cat at the dentist, these days there are many ways that the experience can be made easier for you.

We get that we need to listen to you, understand what you need from us, and never judge you. We also know that we need to be gentle and caring in what we do and how we go about your experience whether it’s a discussion, an X-ray or any other treatment you may need.

For some people, intravenous sedation is a great technique to use. A sedative is placed in a vein in your arm. It means that you can snooze through whatever procedure is being carried out.

This is a wonderful way to achieve either a lot of treatment in one appointment or when you are scheduled for a difficult treatment and it’s really best you are unaware of what needs to happen.

The time passes very quickly for you and the whole experience is smooth and easy – later on, you won’t remember.

Our team is here to cater to your needs; call us or book online to make your first step towards visiting dentists that really care about you!

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