Laser Treatment

We use a variety of lasers in our dental practice including the Waterlase and the Diode laser.

The Waterlase
Our Waterlase is state of the art technology, used for many different applications in the mouth. It is essentially a very intense beam of light combined with a water spray. Used to remove or shape tissue very precisely, it is a soft and hard tissue laser it can treat teeth and bone as well as the gums and other “soft” parts of the mouth.
This laser is used in surgery because of the following advantages over conventional surgery;

  • Less bleeding
  • No need for stiches
  • Healing is faster
  • You are more comfortable after surgery
  • Less pain relief is required

The Waterlase has a particular use in relieving tongue and lip ties. Babies, children and adults with these restrictions are treated using this technology and we see excellent results. We have specific procedures in place for these treatments, please see our tongue tie page information.

We also use the Waterlase to treat gum disease, root filled teeth, extraction sites and wisdom teeth.

Waterlase Image   Waterlase image

Diode laser

This laser is specific for use on soft tissue. It produces a monochromatic beam of light similar to a laser pointer except much more powerful and in an invisible wavelength. Our dentists and hygienists use this to treat gums to achieve disinfection and superior healing. This laser is used around gums for treatments like fillings and crowns when the gum has grown over the edge of the tooth. This gives the best long term outcome for the filling or crown, without this treatment decay may occur.