Orthodontics for children


On average, a child’s face has developed to  60% of the adult size by the age of 8 and 90% by the age of 12. This is the reason that we like to see children at a early age so that if we see that the growth and development is erring from normal we can intervene and direct this growth in a normal direction again. This can reduce or avoid the need for treatment at a later age. We follow orthodontic principals called Orthotropics.

Our goal is to guide the growth and development of young children to achieve the following.

  • A healthy airway.
  • A functional bite
  • A healthy jaw joint
  • A lifetime of dental health
  •  A well balanced and pleasant smile and face.

A balanced face is the result of the growth of bones, normally functioning muscles, good nutrition as well as the ability to breathe well. Scientific literature has shown that when these delicate balances are altered, changes in health and appearance occur. One of the most common abnormalities in a child s facial growth is caused by a compromised airway and inability to breathe through the nose. Children who cannot breathe through their nose will breathe through the mouth which sets up a chain of events that impacts on health and appearance. The most common causes are the following.

  • enlarged adenoids and tonsils
  • allergies
  • chronic sinus infections.

Parents may notice the signs of airway problems some of which are.

  • mouth breathing with lips apart
  • chapped dry lips and red inflamed gums
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • enlarged adenoids and tonsils
  • snoring at night
  • grinding of teeth
  • extended bed wetting at night
  • reflux into the ear leads to ear infections.

The focus of our treatment is on the overall health of the body and appearance of the face, straight teeth is a desirable outcome that is also achieved.


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