Tongue Tied Babies (Oral Restrictions)

Tongue Tied Babies

At Sanctuary Dental we provide a gold standard level of care for tongue tied babies and their families. We understand that it can be a very emotional time when a baby arrives in the family and issues relating to feeding at this time can create a very challenging time for all. Having the right support is crucial.

To achieve optimal results for restricted babies we need to ensure that the following components are addressed.

  • Feeding problems
  • Tongue Function
  • The physical restriction
  • The neural pathways.

Addressing one or two of these components only, can result in a less than ideal outcome where proper function is not restored and issues remain.

We believe that the best care is achieved with a team approach is used to support you. During the initial consultation our Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) performs a thorough functional assessment and will observe your baby feeding. Our dentist will then manually identify any oral restrictions that are present. We also work closely with body workers pre and post release of the physical restriction who can identify and address any interference with the neurology controlling movements of the tongue and body.

We use a Waterlase for the release as the advantages are:

  • The laser is the most precise tool available to release restrictions
  • The laser is bactericidal
  • The  laser seals the tissue as it works so there is little bleeding and no sutures are required.
  • There is minimal swelling and inflammation after treatment
  • There is better healing through the effect of photo biomodulation.

Our team commits to ongoing training in the treatment of oral restrictions and are members of The Australasian Society for Tongue and Lip Ties.(ASLiT).