Snoring and Sleep problems.

Snoring is a health concern as it is associated with heart disease and strokes as well as obstructive sleep apnoea.(OSA). Snoring also causes disruption to the sleep of a partner and sometimes other family members and it is wise to address this issue. If someone’s sleep is disrupted because of snoring, they may also notice other symptoms such as difficulty waking in the morning, they may fall asleep easily during the day and if sleep disruption is severe they may fall asleep while driving.

If you suspect that this is a problem for you (or for a family member), we ask you to answer a questionnaire to give more detail about your circumstances and health. We then arrange for you the use our sleep screening device that you take home overnight. This gives us detailed data about your sleep, and according to the result we advice on a solution that will help.

One solution that we use is called a Mandibular Advancement Splint. This is worn at night to bring the lower jaw forward and ease snoring and apnoea’s. People who wear these report more restful sleep, less or no snoring, waking refreshed in the morning and overall feeling and functioning better during the day. We use Somnomed products.

Check this link to Somnomed for more information.