Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is a process used to lighten the colour of your teeth, and is a cost effective way to enhance your smile.

Natural teeth are affected by foods and drinks, especially those that contain coloured pigments like red wine, coffee and tea. Smoking and age darkens the colour of teeth too.

There are two options available for lightening teeth.

1.A plastic tray is moulded to your teeth which you put a whitening gel {hydrogen peroxide} into of about 10% into. This tray system is used at home for approximately an hour a day and gradually changes your tooth colour. You will see a change in a few days and you may continue for a week or so or until you see no further change. You can stop and start the use of the trays at any time and use them to highlight the colour of your teeth when you feel you need to. You can purchase more gel at any time.

2.The other way to lighten your teeth is to have them lightened in the dental chair. This uses a gel of about 35% which is applied multiple times. This method is quicker and helpful for those people who do not wish to use trays at home or who would like a quick result for a special occasion. Some people use the in chair system for the quick result and continue with the tray system at home afterwards for maintenance.

It is important to note that although teeth always lighten with both procedures, we cannot tell you how much they will lighten. The more yellow the teeth are to start with, generally the more noticeable the change after whitening. Old yellow fillings don’t change with whitening so these can need changing after whitening. Some peoples teeth can be sensitive so we need to see you and give you advise personally about which system is best for you!

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